No matter what type of business you run, Carterwin allows you to get your business online in minutes.

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At Caterwin, our team mission is dedicated to maximize the benefits of advanced technology and the global digital environment to bring more value to the market. Based on this foundation, we’re moving forward our first steps to build Cardbey and Beehandee apps those will help the SMEs going digital faster, easier and Free.
This also gives us an inspiration and a vision to work to connect users from all corners on the earth through Live-commerce.
No Problem Just Better Solutions

Our Purpose

We believe in the transformative power of technology and want to change the world for the better by providing a platform to connect buyers and sellers within one community.

Our Positioning

To Internet users across the regions, we are working to offer a new online shopping experience that provides a wide selection of products, a social community for exploration, and seamless fulfillment services.

Our Jobs

With Cardbey: We build free app for users to do businesses anytime, anywhere.
With Beehandee: We want to integrate the logistic application for a better e-commerce performance.
And more functions - for better business, marketing purposes and some fun.

Our Journey

2018 - 2022

Starting : 2018 Core Development First year of business execution - Beta market deployment in 2022 Introduce ecommerce application to our selected business partners & local customers. Early investment raising

First quarter of 2023

Launch Target markets in the first quarter of 2023 Deploy e-commerce application to Vietnam and Australia markets

Second quarter of 2023

Introduce Delivery Service by the second quarter of 2023 Integrate delivery app into e-commerce platform.

Third quarter of 2023

Strategic investment raising - Third quarter of 2023 Raising strategic investment for market scale up and technology system improvement. Second year of business execution. Raising more fund to develop and deploy the Advertising network and payment tool and integrate into the system by first quarter of 2024.Allow users to use advertising tool within the network to boost the business perfomance and brand promotion. Extend to South East Asia market. Focus on Singapore, Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia Third year of business execution Raising more fund to enlarge the environment and expand to America and Europe markets System improvement & business expand. Improve system infrastructures and expand markets in EU & USA

Year 4th and 5th of the stage 3

Raising more fund to upgrade the techology infrastructure, invest in R&D .Grow and gain the mature status for the project’s business operation. Prepare for the IPO target.

Our Personality

To define who we are - how we talk, behave or react to any given situation - in essence, we are Simple, Happy and Together. These key attributes are visible at every step of the Caterwin journey.


We believe in simplicity and integrity, ensuring a life that’s honest, down to earth and true to self.


We are friendly, fun-loving and bursting with heaps of energy, spreading joy with everyone we meet.


We enjoy spending quality time together while shopping online with friends and family - doing the things we love as one big unit.

Our Team